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Cytokinetics Company: To release drug use of Tirasemtiv for Paul Richey

Cytokinetics Company: Please release use of drug Tirasemtiv for Paul Richey

Paul Richey spent 33 years in public service at the Ukiah Municipal Airport and was forced into early retirement at age 52 because of advancing ALS symptoms. Now he needs our help in his fight with ALS because Cytokinetcs Company is refusing to give him the treatment that could save his life. For 15 years he was primary caregiver to his wife who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) unitil his advancing symptoms made it impossible for him to care for her. This struggle of two disabled people in one house has put terrible burdens on family and friends. We believe this medication could help relieve this burden. His doctor at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) ALS clinic requested for him to receive the drug Tirasemtiv manufactured by Cytokinetics Company. To date this has been refused.

This drug has been in clinical trails for over five years showing great promise for treatmeant of ALS but has not yet been approved by FDA. The FDA has advised Paul that he is eligible for compassionate use of the drug but Cytokinetics is in control of releasing the drug and has refused.

This family has been suffering with illnesses for two decades and now needs your support in asking Cytokinetics to provide this potentially lifesaving drug to Paul.

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